Salutations! It is I, Isadora Duncan, the Mother of modern dance. I have captivated audiences for years in the United States as a young adult and showcased throughout Europe once I was more seasoned. My ingenious, free-flowing, and innovated style of Modern Dance was ground breaking and the first of it's kind. I aspired to establish schools that teach new forms of movement in dance, and inspire young people to be original and eccentric. I have achieved that by establishing beautiful and successful schools in France, Russia, and Germany. Rather than uptight, restricting, and to be frank- ugly, classic ballet movements my schools embrace the natural movement of the body and loving yourself, others, and most importantly the art that is dance! Speaking of love: my love life is quite zesty and often spoken about in the press, but what’s life with out a little controversy? Well, I’m off to inspire the youth of today, Ta-ta!


Judging My Work


  1. What you do is really great not only for your young dancers but also for the world. It is time for a change in this world. We need to start being a bit more creative and put our own style into things like what you did. That takes quite a bit of bravery to do. I'm really glad that you took a step into the future and are passing it on to our youth.

  2. Over all I think I would of loved to watch you dance out your soul! I think you seem brilliant and very talented. Although I agree in a piece you would would watch and think about. Then again you might have very intricate dances that trigger that.

  3. The way you move on stage is magnificent! I love how free you are when it comes to dancing and how you have so much control over your body when moving. I must say you are very talented! Nice job!