Salutations! It is I, Isadora Duncan, the Mother of modern dance. I have captivated audiences for years in the United States as a young adult and showcased throughout Europe once I was more seasoned. My ingenious, free-flowing, and innovated style of Modern Dance was ground breaking and the first of it's kind. I aspired to establish schools that teach new forms of movement in dance, and inspire young people to be original and eccentric. I have achieved that by establishing beautiful and successful schools in France, Russia, and Germany. Rather than uptight, restricting, and to be frank- ugly, classic ballet movements my schools embrace the natural movement of the body and loving yourself, others, and most importantly the art that is dance! Speaking of love: my love life is quite zesty and often spoken about in the press, but what’s life with out a little controversy? Well, I’m off to inspire the youth of today, Ta-ta!


Similarities in our Work


  1. We both have some similarities, my sculptures kind of resemble your dancing. The beauty of the human body is in your movements and I'm my sculptures. The human body is a beautiful thing, and it's up to artists like us to keep it in the air. So let us spread more of our knowledge of the arts and beauty.

  2. Isadora, we have somthing in common here!We are making a difference in our world. You are starting to modernize your style of dance and showing it to the world without a care. I am a Native American/ African American and some people didn't like the fact that I used a Neoclassical art style in my sculpture pieces. What we did was sort of revolutionary in a way. Even though people expected certain things out of us, we still stuck to what we wanted to do.

  3. Well one thing is for sure we both share the idea of sharing the art with the public. We both go out to the world and spread our talent and ability to the older and also the younger age. You perform for people who want to see you dance and give lessons on dancing to the youth by teaching them in your schools in France, Russia, and Germany and with me I draw catroon drawings to inform and entertain the public and youth. Well done!