Salutations! It is I, Isadora Duncan, the Mother of modern dance. I have captivated audiences for years in the United States as a young adult and showcased throughout Europe once I was more seasoned. My ingenious, free-flowing, and innovated style of Modern Dance was ground breaking and the first of it's kind. I aspired to establish schools that teach new forms of movement in dance, and inspire young people to be original and eccentric. I have achieved that by establishing beautiful and successful schools in France, Russia, and Germany. Rather than uptight, restricting, and to be frank- ugly, classic ballet movements my schools embrace the natural movement of the body and loving yourself, others, and most importantly the art that is dance! Speaking of love: my love life is quite zesty and often spoken about in the press, but what’s life with out a little controversy? Well, I’m off to inspire the youth of today, Ta-ta!


Artifact Nine

This is a photograph of Barbra Kane. She was one of my beautiful students who grew up to form the Isadora Duncan Dance Group and keep my legacy alive. This is a perfect example to why I devoted my life to teaching.


  1. I may not know too much about dance dear,but I would say this women here has a very good point.

  2. It's wonderful to have students that learn from you because every time people talk about how well they did, the student will always think of their teacher. Now that's a wonderful thing dear.

  3. What a beautiful body you have! You absolutely stunning! A perfect model for one of my paintings. I think dancing is such a nice way of presenting the beauty of the human form. Very gorgeous!